100% Polyester Tablecloths

£2.49 – £18.95

16x16'' Napkin (41x41 cm)16x16'' Napkin (41x41 cm)
22x22" Napkin (56x56 cm)22x22" Napkin (56x56 cm)
35x35'' (89x89 cm)35x35'' (89x89 cm)
45x45'' (114x114 cm)45x45'' (114x114 cm)
54x54'' (137x137 cm)54x54'' (137x137 cm)
63x63'' (160x160 cm)63x63'' (160x160 cm)
54x70 (137x178 cm)54x70 (137x178 cm)
54x90?? (137x229 cm)54x90?? (137x229 cm)
54x108?? (137x274 cm)54x108?? (137x274 cm)
70x70'' (178x178 cm)70x70'' (178x178 cm)
70x108'' (178x274 cm)70x108'' (178x274 cm)
70x144'' (178x366 cm)70x144'' (178x366 cm)
70x90?? (178x229 cm)70x90?? (178x229 cm)
90x90'' (229x229 cm)90x90'' (229x229 cm)

100% Polyester Table Cloths

Quality and durability is what is required for any table cloth especially with those well planned and important functions. Thats exactly what you get with our high quality table linen. Made with 100% easy care polyester, our tablecloths are sure to give a lasting impression to the guests you host. With our variety of colours, our table linens will suit anything from your dining table, to a lavish dinner hall. You will find our table linens easy to clean and highly durable. They are a hot seller with Hotels & Restaurants hence we are more than confident you will be left satisfied with our table cloths.

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100% Polyester Various Sizes Machine Washable Easy Care & Easy Iron